Senior Care & Assisted Living Guide

What You Should Know About Assisted Living in Arizona

Arizona’s Department of Health Services defines assisted living as residential care that provides continuous supervision, personal and directed care. It recognizes several types of AL communities based on scale:

  • Adult foster care homes provide care for up to four residents.
  • Assisted living homes provide care for up to 10 residents.
  • Assisted living centers provide care for 11 or more residents.

With 300 days of sunshine a year, Arizona affords plenty of opportunities for elderly residents to be as active as their health and circumstances allow, but the extreme heat of summer months warrants caution — and close attention to an AL community’s air conditioning resources.

Cost of living is reasonable through much of the state, and while certain cities have a reputation for high crime rates, that’s a highly localized phenomenon. Research any community you choose carefully to ensure you’re comfortable with these variables.

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