1. Step out of bed. One is not only tethered to bed because of emotional turmoil. Chronic depression may lead to aches and pains, weight gain, and other physical symptoms.

2. Prepare breakfast. According to research, depressed individuals frequently skip breakfast. Having breakfast each day serves as a protective protect oneself from depression. A nutritious breakfast provides a nutritional punch that can improve your mood and aid in the fight against depression, in addition to lowering the body’s cortisol levels.

3. Never miss a workout. Exercise is as effective as antidepressants, according to some studies. And you don’t even need to work out hard; a simple 30-minute walk will do the trick to make your body release feel-good hormones.

4. Establish a sleep schedule. Your sleep schedule can be disrupted by depression, but a better sleep schedule lowers your risk of depression.

5. Be aware of your thoughts .Boxing one’s emotions is one of the most prevalent behaviors among those suffering from depression. They criticize their own unfavorable thoughts far too harshly.

6. Alter the cycle. According to studies, people who experience depression have the propensity to repeat the same cycle of behaviors. This results in monotony. And causes the individual to feel trapped or confined. Breaking the cycle is one of the best ways to deal with this. Take up a new hobby or embark on an adventure. Try to follow your heart.

7. Contact your loved ones. Depression and isolation are closely related to one another. According to research, people with active social lives have better physical health, are less likely to experience depression, and live longer than those with inactive social lives.8. Enjoy the sun’s rays. The best healer is nature. Get out of your house whenever you start to feel down and take a selfie in the sun. Light therapy is one of the primary treatments for depression in contemporary medicine.

9. Keep a journey journal. Expressive journal writing is one of the best methods for managing your emotions. Journaling is a recommended therapeutic technique by mental health professionals for elevating mood and managing depression symptoms.

10. Get qualified assistance. If you have a mental health disorder, you must seek professional help immediately. Asking for assistance does not indicate weakness; it simply indicates that you are wise enough to make the appropriate decision. Like any other physical condition, depression is an actual condition. Your ability to control your thoughts is limited because of the way your hormones are acting.

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