Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock addresses the growing issue of loneliness and isolation in today’s society, like the United States and Nigeria, as she watched the news and listened to US Surgeon Dr. Vivek Murphy. She shares her insights on the detrimental effects of social disconnection and highlights its impact on mental health. Through personal anecdotes and professional expertise, Dr. Hancock sheds light on the alarming rise of suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and other negative consequences of loneliness. She urges parents and adults to take responsibility for combating this pervasive problem by actively engaging with their children and loved ones, promoting open communication, and creating a nurturing environment at home. Dr. Hancock also encourages viewers to reflect on the influence of social media and the need to strike a balance in its usage. By reclaiming the essence of community, fostering genuine connections, and prioritizing mental well-being, we can empower ourselves and future generations to overcome the challenges of loneliness and isolation.

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