Good morning family. Happy New Year to you.
My mission for #2022 and I need your help.

I have been In Mental Health and Social work fields for over 30 years and a little over 3 years ago opened my clinics here in Arizona. God has been great. It is truly rewarding though very challenging to see the rise of mental illness even amongst my fellow nurses.

During this pandemic, my patients as well as clinicians have been coming to ask me questions about narcissistic personalities. So I finally took them up on their recommendations – to write a book on it.
Please first join me in thanking God as frankly, this was the most difficult book I have written. I have successfully written 24 books with 17 being bestsellers. But boyThis one tested me in ways you cannot even imagine.

First I had to really check myself to ensure that I was capable of doing justice to this subject.
Then, I had to figure out if this was a topic I wanted to take on especially in this atmosphere going on in America. At the end of the day, I needed to follow my calling as a board-certified psychiatric mental health Dr of nurse practice.

My ask? Can you please share with others? Can you pick up one while you gift another? We just never know who needs this. There has been so much focus on politics while several personality disorders are being paraded and attention is not paid to people who are truly suffering mentally. We need more awareness.

The preorder for the ebook is out. I want to focus on pushing that before the softcover and the accompanying journal are released.

Thank you.

You can get this from — > The Half Baked Narcissist in Your World from

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