TUCSON, AZ – Watching the news, speaking with my patients, and even just listening to random strangers converse, I’m saddened by what I’m hearing. My perspective is different than most. You see, I grew up in the South-Western Region of Nigeria, Emure-Ekiti kingdom where my family, the Adumori Royal Dynasty has ruled since about 1200 AD. As an African Princess Living in Diaspora, I have seen firsthand what it’s like when people don’t have access to adequate medical care. People in Africa and other parts of the world are dying from a lack of necessities like food and water, and here in America, we are blessed to have access to a miracle of modern science that can save your life. It’s mindboggling and irritating that people are so against this vaccine.

I left the royal household at the age of 17 and decided to come to America to pursue my dream of psychiatry and mental health. I was determined to bridge the gap between Africa and America, helping people with trauma change their life stories. For years I have successfully done just that, but I’m not sure how much longer I can go on. I’m not sure how much longer any of my fellow healthcare workers can go on, either. In fact, many of them have called it quits already.

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